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 Train the Trainer Certification


Train the Trainer Certification


Train the Trainer Certification


Train the Trainer Certification



You are a TRAINER and have been looking for an established TRAINING QUALIFICATION to upgrade and validate your skills as a trainer.  You also plan to use this qualification to differentiate yourself from other trainers in the same field.
You have been working for a number of years and would consider yourself a SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT in your area of expertise.  At this point in your life, you would love to share your knowledge and years of experience with others.You are thinking of conducting TRAINING ON A PART-TIME BASIS OR AS A SECOND CAREER.  Just as you have honed your skills in your area of specialisation over the years, you see the need to equip yourself with a new set of skills to be a good trainer.
You are a specialist in the area of QUALITY OR SAFETY and you find that in order to successfully implement quality or safety measures, you need to train the people involved.

You are a TECHNICAL TRAINER who has trained many technical staff.You have no problems providing them with the knowledge and training them in the practical skills.However, you are wondering how you could assess their skills and ensure that every trainee achieves a certain skill level.

You are an IT SPECIALIST and part of your job involves training the users of the software developed by your company. You do your best but you are not sure how effective is your training. You wish someone could show you how to structure your training and give you feedback on your training skills. 

You are a LECTURER in an institution of higher learning and recently there has been the opportunity to conduct training in your area of expertise for the industry.You realise that you will be addressing working adults instead of students and that a training session calls for more than a lecture-style approach.You want help in designing and delivering your training session appropriately to this new target group. 

You never expected to have to conduct training.Due to certain changes in your organisation, training internal staff has just become part of your job responsibility.You are wondering how to begin and how to build your confidence.

You are a CUSTOMER SERVICE OR SALES TRAINER and you find that you have been repeating the training sessions over and over again.You are looking for a different approach.





 We've Great News For You!

At Train the Trainer Certification Malaysia, you will find the Train the Trainer certification that meets your specific need.  

When you check out certification options, what do you look for? You look for these 3 important factors: TIME, INVESTMENT and QUALITY.

Train the Trainer CertificationTrain the Trainer certificationTrain the Trainer Certification


 What if we told you that.........


You could obtain the certification WITHIN 10 DAYS?*
You would be investing LESS THAN what it would cost you to go on AN OVERSEAS HOLIDAY TOUR?
The certification is ISSUED BY ESTABLISHED EXTERNAL ORGANISATIONS and not just by the training provider?
Your certification is based on COLLECTED EVIDENCE OF YOUR COMPETENCY and not just based on results of written tests/ exams?
You could RE-SUBMIT AT NO EXTRA COST if the first submission does not meet full requirements?

At Train the Trainer Certification Malaysia, we offer not only ONE but TWO Train the Trainer certifications that fit the description above. These certifications are:


1)Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)


2)PSMB Train the Trainer



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